Keeping bookmarks in the bookmarks bar

The bookmarks bar is a good place to keep bookmarks to webpages you frequently visit. It’s near the top of the Safari window, and has an open-book icon on the left side.

To add bookmarks to the bookmarks bar:

  • Go to the webpage you want to bookmark. If you use tabs, you can open multiple webpages in tabs to bookmark them as a collection.

  • Choose Bookmarks > Add Bookmark, or Bookmarks > “Add Bookmark for These Tabs.” (If the Bookmarks menu isn’t visible, press the Alt key to show the menu bar.)

  • In the dialog that appears, type a name for the bookmark or collection.

  • Open the pop-up menu and choose Bookmarks Bar, and then click Add.

To add a bookmark quickly, click the Add (+) button in the toolbar, or drag the webpage’s icon from the address field to the bookmarks bar.

To rearrange bookmarks in the bookmarks bar:

Drag them back and forth.

To remove a bookmark:

Drag it above the bookmarks bar.

Keeping bookmarks in the bookmarks bar