Identifying secure websites

When you use a website that handles private or financial information, make sure the website is secure.

Look for a lock icon

A lock icon at the top of the Safari window or in the address field means that the website has a certificate. This indicates to Safari that it’s a legitimate website and that information you exchange with it will be encrypted.

To view the contents of a website’s certificate, click the lock icon.

For more information about certificates, see:

Check the address

Make sure the website’s address begins with “https” (instead of “http”).

Use a secure connection, if available

If the website is not secure, you may have been given a choice between a secure and an insecure connection when logging in to the site. Go back to the page where you logged in and check for a link to a secure login. Even if you don’t plan to view private information, it’s best to use a secure login whenever possible, to ensure that your login information and any other information you send is encrypted.

Identifying secure websites