Visiting webpages

There are several ways to go to a webpage: clicking a link, clicking a bookmark or Top Site preview, or typing a webpage address.

To go to a webpage using a link:

Click the link. Links to webpages appear in a number of places:

    • Webpages: There are very few dead ends on the web; most pages contain links to several other pages. Click the links to move around and explore.

    • Email messages: People often send links in email messages. Click these only if you trust the source.

    • Address book: Click a website listed in your address book to go to it directly. (You can also add websites from your address book to your bookmark list.)

    • Other documents: Documents that aren’t webpages can contain links that you can click to open webpages. If you see something that looks like a web address but it’s not clickable, try this: copy the address, open Safari, paste the address into Safari’s address field (at the top of the Safari window), and press Return or Enter. If the address is valid, Safari will open the webpage that matches it.

To go to a webpage using a bookmark:

  • Click the bookmark in the bookmarks bar across the top of the Safari window.

  • Choose the bookmark from the Bookmarks menu.

To view and organize your bookmarks, click the open-book icon in the bookmarks bar. For information about adding and managing bookmarks, see:

To go to a webpage by entering the webpage address:

  • Highlight any text that’s currently in the address field (at the top of the Safari window).

  • Type the address.

    Most web addresses are in the form “”

  • Do one of the following:

  • If you’re visiting the page for the first time, press Return or Enter after typing the address.

  • If you’ve visited the page before, as you begin to type, Safari automatically completes the field with the most likely match.

    If the site Safari suggests is correct, press Return or Enter to connect to the site. If it is not the site you intended to visit, check the list of suggestions, drawn from your bookmarks and browsing history. Click the site you want to visit.

To avoid needless typing, type the key part of the address and Safari will fill in the rest. For instance, to visit “,” type “”.

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