Searching your history

You can search your browsing history if you want to return to a webpage but can’t remember its address. By default, your history contains about a month’s worth of webpages you’ve opened.

To search your browsing history:

  • Click the Top Sites button in the bookmarks bar.

  • In the Top Sites search field, type a word or phrase and press Enter.

Search results appear immediately. Use the horizontal scroll bar to flip through the webpage previews, and then click the page you want to view.

To search using the bookmarks list:

  • Click the open-book icon at the left end of the bookmarks bar.

  • In the Collections list, select History.

  • In the search field at the upper-right corner of the bookmarks list, type a word or phrase. Results appear as you type.

Two buttons, All and History, appear above the list of search results. Click History to search recently viewed webpages, or click All to search recently viewed webpages plus all your bookmarks.

Searching your history